Editor’s Note: worth reading comments at article’s end Time Emerging as Industry Metric: Big Question Is How Long It Will Take via MediaPost (Joe Mandese)

Now that the ad industry has come to a consensus that the currency of digital media-buying should be based on human, “viewable” impressions, industry execs are turning their attention to, well, attention.

“It’s something that is evolving,” UM Worldwide SVP Digital Innovations and Investment Erin Rech said. “We are learning more and more how not only viewability matters, but time and attention.”

“Five years ago, we were still looking at clicks and clickthrough rates,” said Caitlin Grigg, Director of Global Digital Media & Data Management at Microsoft, noting that this evolved into “only looking at impressions,” and then more recently to “looking at fraud a viewability.” Now she says, marketers are beginning to “correlate time and attention” so they can “connect more effectively with our consumers.”

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