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NYCU: Improving Marketing Research Skills

As changes in marketing and research methods and technologies accelerate, keeping up to date is becoming increasingly urgent for researchers. The ARF and New York University (NYU) are providing a solution.   Read more »

NYCU: The End of Passwords?

Passwords are inherently insecure. They can be stolen or obtained through guessing or even brute force. But mostly, people just use bad ones (and, worse, reuse them).
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NYCU: CTAM’s 2022 Priorities

The Cable Television Administration and Marketing Society (CTAM) has issued a list of their priorities for this year. The list includes — not surprisingly — customer retention and acquisition, but also “content theft.” 
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NYCU: Better TV Measurement and New Currencies

CIMM (The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement) held its 11th Converged TV Measurement and Data Summit on February 16 and 17, 2022. The Summit brought together marketers, media agencies, media companies and vendors to discuss solutions for converged TV measurement, including the emergence of multiple currencies.
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NYCU: Perspectives on the Future of Advertising

When two industry heavyweights meet and talk about the future of the advertising industry, it’s worth it to stop and listen. Marla Kaplowitz, President and CEO of the 4A’s for the past five years, probed industry issues earlier this month with Philippe Krakowsky, a 20-year veteran of IPG who recently completed his first year as CEO.
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