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What Short Commercials Can and Can’t Deliver

  • Duane Varan (MediaScience) and Magda Nenycz-Thiel, Rachel Kennedy, and Steven Bellman (all at Ehrenberg-Bass Institute)

Short ads of six to seven seconds or less on television can provide an efficient option compared with longer, more expensive commercials. But there are limits to what they can deliver, particularly in a cluttered environment. This study offers guidance on how, when and where to use short ads.

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Multicultural Conversations on Handling the Hard Stuff (Event Summary)


Navigating the Messy Middle: Multicultural Conversations on Handling the Hard Stuff – Particularly During a Crisis

 This virtual Salon, hosted by the ARF Cultural Effectiveness Council was moderated by Janelle James, Qualitative Research Director, Kantar. Janelle was joined by Kendra Clarke, Vice President of Data Science and Product Development, sparks & honey, and Ola Mobolade, Founder at COCO and Co-author of “Marketing to the New Majority”.
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The Duality: Advertising in a Pandemic-driven Recession (Summary)

The current situation is unprecedented. Advertisers are scrambling to figure out how best to advertise in the context of a pandemic and a recession, what ARF CRO Paul Donato is calling: The Duality. While no research exists examining advertising in the context of both of these things, solid research, and ARF original research, examines advertising during a recession, when brands “go dark” and advertising adjacent to upsetting news. Editor’s Note: The full report is available to member’s only.

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Big Data Shows How Brands' Facebook Posts Generate eWOM

  • Taemin Kim (Incheon National University) Hyejin Kim (DePaul University), Yunhwan Kim (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)

Research analyzing how a brand’s Facebook posts can generate e-word of mouth (eWOM) has often relied on content analysis and users’ motivations. A new study offers a big-data approach for predicting the impact of a post’s unique features on eWOM activity, with some unexpected outcomes.

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Inside the Journal of Advertising Research: Advertising Creativity and Strategy (Event Summary)


Journal of Advertising Research authors presented their work published in the March issue of the JAR. Creativity experts delved into the creative-idea generation process and the conveying of brand passion in advertising. Strategy experts explored effectiveness of six-second TV commercials and how advertising and promotional effects drive QSR sales.

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