AUDIENCExSCIENCE 2021 hosted industry leaders and innovators to address the most critical audience measurement issues. Speakers hailing from brands, agencies, media and research companies shared their work and perspectives on the future of addressable TV, which cross-platform measurement methods hold the most promise and why, and how companies are building audiences and developing trust among data deprecation and privacy concerns. Key takeaways, the full event video, and presentations are available for ARF members: If you are interested in becoming a corporate member, please contact New-Member-Info@thearf.org. LOGIN TO ACCESS

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Does Animation Help or Hurt Rx Drug Ads?


Animated and rotoscoped characters in television commercials can affect consumers differently than live actors. But in direct-to-consumer ads for prescription drugs (which convey risks and benefits), can these characters alter the ways people process the information and therefore, their perceptions about the brand and the ad? A new study has some surprising findings and opens the door to further research.

How to Manage Content Across Platforms


Outside of premium video, a different set of attributes are required according to the platform. Individual talent needs to speak differently on Twitter versus Facebook versus Instagram. At the ARF session at Advertising Week New York 2021, Radha Subramanyam, Ph.D., President and Chief Research and Analytics Officer at CBS Corporation, shared how she and her team use data to inform what works best on a variety of platforms. Radha was interviewed by Brian Steinberg, Sr. TV Editor at Variety.

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Influencer Marketing: Best Practices, Trends & Covid’s Impact

Influencer marketing has grown more complex over a short period of time, and Covid has accelerated its development. Options have increased significantly while setting the right tone with consumers is perhaps more crucial than ever before. What consumers want to see is authentic relationships between brands and influencers. And the focus has shifted away from celebrities and towards niche, micro-influencers. The following Knowledge at Hand and CMO Brief cover a recent Knowledge Center report looking into the current state of influencer marketing, what the trends are, how Covid has affected this phenomenon and best practices when putting together an influencer strategy.

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Improving Product Sales Predictions Is Brain Science

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It’s no surprise that new product launches often fail to meet their targets. The trick for managers is to improve their predictions for such products. They must balance the costs and benefits of many different data sources and analytic techniques in order to improve forecasting. To enhance the accuracy of predicting the market-level sales of new products, researchers Marton Varga, Anita Tusche, Paulo Albuquerque, Nadine Gier, Bernd Weber, and Hilke Plassmann, analyzed the added value of different data types. Their conclusions are illuminating.

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