Ad Effectiveness & ROI

Does Advertising Affect a Company’s Stock Price?

In this thought-provoking analysis, researchers from Boston University and UCLA delve into over 250 journal studies to decode the intricate relationship between advertising and corporate stock prices. Their findings illuminate how strategic advertising efforts not only captivate consumers but also sway investor sentiment, bolstering stock market valuations.

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Generative AI Can Make Ad Creative Better Than Humans Alone

Have we reached the John Henry moment in ad creative where the machine can outperform a human in creating visuals for ads? Not quite. Generative AI does have a place in creative, however. This Marketing Science Institute (MSI) working paper found that GenAI when trained on ads which were rated the most effective by consumers can create ad visuals and text that outperform the originals in KPIs related to the purchase funnel and brand associations. Yet, the human element has not been cut out just yet. In fact, it might be pivotal to the process. The human AI combo saved time and effort and created pleasing visuals while maintaining a brand’s distinctive positioning.

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Racial Minority Representation Increases Advertising Effectiveness in Mortgage Markets

Explore the impact of racial minority representation in TV advertisements on consumer choices in the mortgage market in this new MSI working paper. The study employed a double machine learning model to control for high-dimensional video and text features, ensuring robust estimates. Its findings reveal that higher minority presence can significantly increase TV advertising effectiveness.

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A Peek Behind the Curtain at Out-of-Home Advertising

  • Creative Council
  • By Zoe Reiter (Nielsen), Young Pros Officer

On April 4, industry experts explored where out-of-home (OOH) advertising stands today, its current capabilities and its potential in the future. Attendees heard data-backed insights on how OOH has changed in the past decade, where it fits in a multi-channel campaign or media plan, and brands’ objectives in using it.

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