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Does Alexa Make Humans More Humane?

  • MSI

Do digital voice assistants make website navigation easier? Not necessarily, according to this MSI working paper. Researchers found that a sense of “social presence” created by such assistants can evoke social norms. And so, these devices can in fact predispose consumers to more prosocial behavior, such as donating to important causes and tipping.

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What is the Value of Time in Advertising? (Part I: How Value is Created)


Fairly measuring the quality of an ad impression is challenging, and it differs across platforms. In this first part of a two-part discussion, about ad time duration, a panel of researchers explored whether or not ad time duration provides a signal to advertisers of the value of an ad impression. Different platforms have different strengths, and understanding the logistics of a platform is one key aspect in understanding how viewers will interact with an ad. Aside from the length of time an ad is viewed, and what platform it is viewed on, creative implications can also play a role in garnering up viewer enthusiasm and interest, during key moments of an ad. This ARF Town hall examined three studies regarding different aspects of ad time duration. Studies were presented by the ARF’s Chief Research Officer Paul Donato, Meta's Ads Research Lead of Marketing Science Sophie Macintyre, and TVision's SVP of Product, Data & Analytics Tristan Webster. These studies were presented in efforts to understand the similarities and differences regarding measurement across a variety of platforms on the value of time. In closing, challenges and opportunities for each platform were discussed by the panel, led by Cesar Brea of Bain & Company.

Emphasizing the Negative Builds Trust in CSR Environmental Messaging


As counterintuitive as it sounds, this study shows that companies in environmentally unfriendly industries are perceived as more trustworthy when they use negatively framed messaging focused on reducing the damaging impact of their production processes, rather than on positively framed messages that tout benefits. Building such trust, in turn, elicits favorable consumer intentions and behaviors.

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Will Pandemic-Diven Consumer Habits Persist?

  • MSI

While many businesses were disrupted during the Covid-19 pandemic, there were some others who discovered new opportunities. The pandemic also made available new methods of study to assess the changes which occurred in consumer behavior due to Covid. Today, there are questions as to what pandemic-induced behaviors will hang on for the long haul and which will fall away as the pandemic recedes. For instance, will the success of food service delivery continue?

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